Well, here we are, welcome to Theory of Men, a place to support, learn, and grow. With all the turmoil in our everyday lives, when we live in a world where the expectations are high- emotionally, financially, and physically – the stakes of this life can seem even higher. Every single one of us can use someone who guides us through the hard times or who can teach us the necessary tools to reach our goals. No one can go through life alone, it takes a vast resource base to make it through, a tribe, this game called life. We all need someone who shares experiences about walking through the dark days with the burdens we all know on our shoulders but can help us attain a calm within the storm.

Like many I am sure that my father loved me and did the best he could to teach me within his abilities. He could not have known about the challenges this modern world holds for us men, and that is what started my mission. Looking around on the internet and different books there were groups out there, but it seems like some of the theories they had did not fit what I thought was needed for me. Most were to vague or too one sided. These all have their place and I have learned from them, but I always searched for more. Somewhere that I could combine and elaborate on the topics to make sense for me. This is a community of men who share their theories of life that will help all of us form our successes. To try and improve a little everyday, with every interaction we have there is a chance for success.

At Theory of Men we will pick subjects that affect the everyday man and address them in ways that give us options to help deal with our situations. This will go from my own experiences in life, from being the “Thought I know it all” twenty-something, into my still growing thirties, my settle down and become a father who knew nothing about raising independent little people forties. I have had many stumbles along the way and some very proud moments. I have tried to educate myself and made mistakes about controlling things I had no control over.

I hope through my pitfalls and the growth of this community, that we all can support and continue to grow. Like a tribe of likeminded people, mentors, students, and supporters to help tackle the problems along the way.


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