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We see and do this every day. We cut corners. You can say you don’t, but everyone cuts some corners throughout their day.  What does it mean to “Cut Corners?”  According to Cambridge Dictionary, cutting corners means doing something in the easiest, cheapest, or fastest way.  Most businesses do this all the time, under the guise of improving efficiency, but why do we do it in our everyday lives?

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Too Many Things To Do in the Day

In the age of technology, it was supposed to make life easier. There seems to be an overabundant amount of things to do in the twenty-four hours each of us gets every day.  We are always looking for the “Life Hack” of ways to get more done in the same amount of time.  We constantly feel like we are all putting more on our plates with no extra time to do them.

In life, we are always looking to improve ourselves, physically, mentally, and financially, through self-improvement or formal education.  When do you make time to do this, to improve ourselves daily? What tasks are you cutting to get this done?  Is it something with work?  Is it something with the family?  What do you have to cut corners on?

Does This Help?

Often, in our efforts to fit more into the day, we cut corners on things that seem more demanding than expected, making those little choices for us more accessible. Items worth having, cutting corners on them, actually hurt us more in the long run.  How many of you listen to audiobooks rather than reading the book?  I do this to save time while learning something, but how much do we learn?  To listen to an audiobook on the commute, you will discover small amounts, but you are doing this while distracted.  You cannot mark a section while driving. You cannot make a note in the margin or underline while driving.

So why do we do this?  We do this to gain a little nugget of information, something more that we didn’t know before, to make us feel like we are learning something.  I will not say you cannot understand this way. Plenty of people learn through auditory learning.  Auditory learning is something that you have to find out in yourself.  If reading is critical to your education, why do you not read the physical book?  Where can you evaluate the process?

You can think of something right now, that thing you cut corners on, that thing you should not have cut the corner on.  Was it worth it?  Did it give you more time for something else?  Did it leave you with that feeling like you should not have cut that corner?  Next time don’t do it.

The Struggle Is Worth It

We all know nothing comes easy that is worth it.  There are no easy answers.  Everything that helps us improve is worth the struggle. Without struggle, there is no growth. When we want to improve physically, the one more repetition, when you do not think you can, that one more sprint when you feel like you can not run anymore.  This is when growth appears to us.  The process of the struggle is worth it.  The effort to master a subject, the struggle to master yourself, these are all worth it. 

There is no shortcut. There is no magic pill. There are no corners to cut in life. The things that are worth it are worth the struggle.  Find the areas in your life that you are not willing to compromise on, the things you cannot cut corners with.  There are the non-negotiable things. These items are things in your life that you cannot cut corners on.  Do not get me wrong, there are various ways to do something, but these are the things that you must do to complete.  To make sure the lessons stick.


The next time you want to cut that corner, ask yourself if this helps you.  If it is something that you can cut a corner on, is it worth it to have in the first place?  You need to look at your day, figure out what you can do without, and readjust your life.  As your priorities adjust, what are those things that are constant?  Focus on these things, prioritize these things, and do not cut the corner on these things.  Go to the Forum section on our community and list those things that you are cutting out of your day, those things that bring no value to your day that you can do without.


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