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My investing journey will be a several-part installment, and this is by no means legal advice. I am not a financial advisor, banker, or expert on any of the following subjects.  This is just me telling you how I am in control of my finances, where I have found ways and interest in having money work for me.


Investing all starts with financial education.  If you do not educate yourself about the things you spend your money on, the items you wish to invest in, you might as well be playing the lottery.  By the way, the lottery is not a way to invest, contrary to popular belief.  There are some starting blocks that we have previously discussed here.

Without know where your money is going in the first place, there is no way for you to get debt-free or have your money make money for you.

To begin on this education journey, I suggest that you look at Rich Dad Poor Dad. After I read this book, it changed the way I looked at my money.  Even though I did not incorporate everything that this book offered me, there are many engaging lessons to be had. 

Where to start?

To start with, after you have reviewed your budget, and ensured your financial obligations had been met, then you can choose ways to invest any surplus you have.  For me, this has been in the form of investing in the Stock Market.  I have been the typical uneducated investor, grabbing information from friends and social media.  Thus far, it has not worked out so well.  The benefit of that is learning without considerable risk and keeping costs low.

I must say Investopedia is a must when starting.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will cover some items from them, and we can learn this together.  When investing, there are many different strategies, and we will break down several of them.

Trying to gain financial freedom is not easy. It takes discipline, determination, and educating yourself on the best moves to get you where you want to go.  The next installments will not be a one-size-fits-all, but hopefully, I can share in my lessons to others may learn as well.  I am late in my journey but never giving up on educating myself on different ways to grow.

Join me on this journey, learn, and grow.  Continue the discussion on the Forum. We can continue to learn from each other.

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