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We have all at some point heard about the power of visualization, the ability to something happening, to see the positive outcome in your life. A sport event, boxers, baseball, preparing for a speech, in just about every facet of life. Why is this so important? Does positive thoughts actually make a difference in your performance?

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With every rehearsal of a process in your head, forward and backwards, you are actually rehearsing the movements, thoughts, and outcomes. You can almost feel the resistance of the bat as you go through your swing, you can feel your arms tighten, your grip increasing as you go through your swing of the bat towards the ball, you can feel the intensity in your body as you see the perfect pitch to swing at. Since this is used in sports, in offices, prior to presentations or speeches why do we do it?

With this being such a powerful tool, why do we not utilize this more often in our day to day lives? Why do we just use it for stressful times? What says we cannot, prior to going to sleep at night visualize our morning routines? Picture waking up refreshed on the first try the alarm goes off, going through your routine, stress free and on time? If you look at billionaires, they often wear very plain clothes, this is to keep their cognitive abilities fresh for when they really need them. When those important decisions need to be made. Then why can we not visualize our morning routines to help keep those cognitive abilities sharp?

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The challenge for each one of you, is the night prior to going to bed, before or after meditation or reflection, sit for a moment and visualize your morning. Make your game plan to set yourself up for success the next morning. Do this for a week to see what a difference this makes. Then come back here and leave the results in the comments.

We will continue to build upon this process and routines to help you get through your day, to help relieve some of those stressful points, to save your energy and focus for the times that you really do need it. By becoming better than we were yesterday, we will continue to improve ourselves, to benefit us, our families, and our communities, one day at a time.

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