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Everyone would like to change something, whether that is in your personal or professional life, we all have something we would like to change. The question is, how do we do it? There is a plethora of information to read about the change you would like to enact, but why do we still not do it? I do not think this comes from a lack of information but instead a lack of drive. Your current priorities do not fit the change to make it a priority for you to enact the change.

For example, I am heavier than I should be. I was not always like this; I used to be more active, but over the years, life has gotten in the way, and it was easier to say, ” I can do it tomorrow.” This mentality I have used every day. Get a spurt of energy to go to the gym and workout or go and run, then the all too familiar pain sets in. Then you say you will wait a week or so to recover, and then you will go again. What happens? You settle right back into the life you were in before the change in direction, and weeks and months go by without any additional action. You are no better than when you started.

We can watch Youtube videos, read the many free articles on popular websites, formulate our plans, start and stop. This can happen time after time. The conditions do not improve the longer we are away; it just complicates the problem. Making it even harder to start the next time. So what is the catalyst to get us to quit doing this cycle? Is it a life-changing event? This works more times than not, but how do we not let it get to that? Those are normally medically driven events. This is where we do not want to be. How do we stop it when we know we should be different? We all can do our own self-assessments and decide whether the lifestyle we live is sustaining based on our goals, but the one thing you should consider is time is NOT on your side.

For me and this situation, I am starting with small changes to the diet first. Do your research and start small. This could be giving up the sugar drinks first. Then once that is done, start with more greens in your diet. These small changes over time will add up. Without the proper fuel to try and start with an exercise program, you will be setting yourself up for failure. Start with the small things you can affect now. I have dropped the sugar drinks and increased my water intake. I have added more greens to my plates and watch portion control. As painful as it sounds, I can recommend tracking what you put in your body. This takes extra time but will also make you cognizant of what you are placing in your body. You have to make this a habit, to where it turns from being a chore to a part of everyday life. It is not long-lasting but will start you on your way. For a refresher on how to build habits, check out my previous article here.

The next step for me will be to introduce the physical activity. For me, this will be weight lifting, starting small. Getting my body used to this exercise again. You will have to check your ego at the door. You cannot worry about what others this. This is your fight against you, no one else. These are changes you want to make for yourself. This is hard for me and others, but if you consistently remind yourself of that, start small, you will make it to where you want to be.

This is only the start; other changes are coming. This is only the beginning. Join me on this journey, share your stories and tips. None of us know everything. Comment below what struggles you are having, tips you have to share with others. We are stronger together.



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