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Relationships, we all have them, whether you like to admit them or not. Starting out with a questions at the beginning, how are you sustaining your relationships? Whatever they are? Friendships, marriages, children, co-workers, acquantenices, what ever they maybe? Are you doing anything to nurture this?

For example, with work taking most of my free time even after I get home sometimes, with work slowing down some I have tried to put more work into my relationship with my children. Typically my wife helps me along the way with nudging me into directions to help bring our relationships closer together. I am not the perfect father figure but I do try. With the ability to seperate some work requirements away and more of back to the office, we saw an event that was something I could do with them.

This event was like an adventure race of 3km, full of mud, water, and physical obstacles with no timer but just finish the event. I had not done one of these before and was leery about doing this with both children at the same time. I put the decision up to the kids to see if they even wanted to do the event. I stress that instead dragging the other person in your relationship along for something you want to do, get buy in, if it going to continue to build that relationship in a positive light.

They bite and were excited about the idea, so now it was a go, we were going on the adventure race. To be honest I was nervous, what if they saw the obstacles and decided they did not want to do it? Would it come to day of and they say they did not want to go at all? These were all the thoughts running through my mind, not to mention we were doing all of this during the COVID environment.

On the drive over we had talked about a previous event they went to without me and I saw how excited they were to actually do it. We got set up at the start, and started doing the events, and even though the kids did not really want to get muddy and wet they started getting into it. I was able to help coach along some events, not doing it for them, and show them their own abilitites and boost the confidence at the same time. This was actually an awesome adventure to increase the relationship I had with them.

By doing this little thing, less than three hours and some mud and dirt, this built a bond and memories that will last them a lifetime. It made our bond stronger and I could see it instantly after the race was complete. Not to mention I also had a blast doing it with them! So I urge you, ask you again, what are you doing to sustain or strengthen your relationship?

It does not take much, it doesn’t take an adventure race, it could be sitting down and enjoying something that the other side finds enjoyable. You do not have to enjoy the same thing, but being there with that person will help you in the long term. So leave a comment on ways you are improving a relationship in your life? Share your stories so we all can learn from each other!



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