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This will be the time in my small community for me to hear from you. You know you, the one lurking out there reading the posts, but with no interaction? Reach out let me know what is important to you, what would you like some more information on?

There will be some transition here to a thoughts area. A space where I capture my thoughts, a spot for me to share knowledge with you, on things I am learning or contemplating. Currently, I am working on different hobbies and subjects. These do not always share my time well and do not complement each other well either.

Looking for input from the community on a subject that you wish me to cover, to branch this blog into what it says in the title, a podcast. I will work to cover a broad topic that can be useful to anyone along their journey and goals of being a better person but looking for common topics to focus the first couple of episodes on.

Leave a comment down below and let’s start the conversation on topics that interest everyone and continue to grow our community.



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