Thinking about this week’s blog post, I looked around the internet and came across something that […]
Sitting here with my wife over the weekend, we started listing all the things we had […]
This article is the "Why" and my purpose for starting this community!
When you hear the word relationship from a man’s context, what comes to mind?  Is it […]
Interesting article about putting exercise and healthy eating into prospective. This attitude will help you on […]
Please give this some thought @helion sparks a thought on the same subject and book I […]
Like most men today, there does not seem to be enough time in the day to […]
Why do we fail at our wants and goals? Why do over 80% of us fail to do what we want to do in the new year? Come with me to figure out how to change this.
Looking to get control of your finances during this unprecedented time in our history? Look no further, we have some of the best suggestions to help you on your way!
Well, here we are, welcome to Theory of Men, a place to support, learn, and grow. […]