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Investing… Where to Start?

Continuing on our previously weeks topic of investing, the one main question many of us, to include myself have is, where to start?  If you have never thought about investing money, this can be a daunting task.  With so many possibilities such as savings accounts, bonds, stock market, IRA and so on and so forth, […]

Four Ways to Improve Your Relationships

Thinking about this week’s blog post, I looked around the internet and came across something that sparked me to rethink what I had thought about relationships.  After reading an article from Lori on her blog, it got me to think about my previous article. Every interaction we have is a “relationship,” whether casual acquaintance, […]

How to Budget

Sitting here with my wife over the weekend, we started listing all the things we had to do over the coming years, and we realized we didn’t have a budget.  We were looking at our accounts and found that we lived a life without making a plan for what we had that was coming up […]


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